About Us

Juju’s Nails is an online Company that is Based in Brooklyn N.Y. which happens to be Black Owned, That serves the United States & Canada as well as Haiti & The Dominican Republic. 


Juju’s Nails was Founded in 2020 by Juju’s Mom & Juju a Then Bright Eyed 4 year old that has a thing for nail polish, unicorns and everything pink. With a Mission to bring a Product of Luxury and Service to our communities that we serve that is Convenient, Affordable, Beautiful, Durable as well as Creative. To teach young girls the importance of entrepreneurship, working hard and being your own boss. 


Here at Juju’s Nails we believe that representation matters, and that those core values begin at Home. So this business is literally Home Grown, and Handmade with Love.  Spreading Love is the Brooklyn way, so we certainly have a lot of Love to give.